Acura 4 Burner Glass Cooktop, Toughened Glass Top, Compact design, Manual, 1 year warranty

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Acura 4 Burner Glass Cooktop is a compact, spacious glass cooktop that offers a melange of performance and beauty in your kitchen. With individual pan supports, you can cook for the entire family with ease. The toughened glass top makes it convenient to clean. Stainless steel drip tray, ergonomically designed knobs, high-efficiency brass burners, powder-coated pan support, and Reliable Wonderchef Service make it a must Buy. Cooking made Practical!
  • Individual pan supports - cook for the entire family with ease
  • High-efficiency brass burners - offer fuel-saving efficiency, uniform heating, and faster cooking
  • High quality thick toughened designer glass top - convenient to clean & maintain
  • Compact design and manual ignition
  • Cast-aluminium mixing tube - does not rust, offers unobstructed LPG flow with the smooth functioning
  • The only glass cooktop to offer 1 Year Warranty on toughened glass
  • Reliable Wonderchef Warranty, *T&C Apply
Brand: Wonderchef
Warranty: 2 Years

Package Content:

  • Brass Burners: 4 Units
  • Heavy Pan Support: 4 Units


  • Brass Burners: thick toughened glass top
  • Cast aluminium mixing tube
Reliable Wonderchef Warranty, *T&C Apply.
*Service Charges Applicable for Cooktop LPG to PNG or PNG to LPG Conversion, for more details please read the instruction manual and warranty terms.

Wonderchef Acura 4 Burner Glass Cooktop

Wonderchef's Acura Glass Cooktop is designed to offer a mélange of performance and beauty in your kitchen. The 4 burner cooktop comes with individual pan supports that make it easy to cook for the entire family with great ease. The toughened glass and compact design give it a premium finish, making it ideal to set up in a kitchen of any size.

Stainless Steel Spill Tray

The anti-corrosive stainless steel spill tray in the burner makes for easy cleaning during cooking.

Black Powder Coated Frame

The glass cooktop comes with black 60 micron powder-coated frame making it compact and super sturdy compared to ordinary stainless steel cooktops.

Brass Burners

The 4 high-efficiency brass burners offer fuel-saving efficiency, uniform heating & faster cooking.

Easy to Use Knobs

The manual ignition system ensures precision flame control and safe usage of the gas stove. The ergonomic metal knob design makes turning the knob easy on the fingers.

Cast-Aluminium Mixing Tube

The cast aluminium mixing tube is anti-rust and offers an unobstructed flow of gas.

Premium Finish with 6mm Toughened Glass

Designed with a 6mm toughened glass cooktop and powder-coated frame, the Acura glass cooktop is sure to elevate the aesthetics of the interiors of your kitchen.

Powder Coated Pan Supports

All pan supports are powder-coated which makes them very durable and strong enough to hold heavy pots, pans and woks.

Reliable Wonderchef Service

We are confident of our quality. If the coating peels off with normal usage within the service period, you get free service.