Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine - 5 Litres (Medical Supply Equipment)

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Oxygen concentrator provides oxygen to a patient in need at substantially higher concentrations than those of ambient air. Air has about 20% Oxygen and 78% Nitrogen. The Concentrator presses out the Nitrogen and provides air with a higher concentration of Oxygen - about 93% to 95%. It is used as an alternative to tanks of compressed oxygen when there is low oxygen saturation while sleeping, shortness of breath (Dyspnea), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, Hypoxemia and breathing difficulty.
  • Running time control and calculation
  • Alarms for high/low pressure and power failure
  • Over-heat and over-load protection
  • Medical nebulization by output oxygen
  • Purity alarm buzzes when the oxygen purity drops below 82%
  • Download ISO Certification and Instruction Manual
  • This is not a Wonderchef branded product but is backed by Wonderchef's warranty and after sales service

Tech Specs :

  • Oxygen flow rate: 1- 5 Litre per minute
  • Oxygen Concentration: 93% (+-) 3%
  • Outlet Pressure: 8.5 - 13 PSI
  • Voltage: 220V - 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 290W
  • Noise:<=48 dB(A)
  • Weight: 16 Kg
  • Nozzle: 1
  • Size: 305mm(L)*300mm(W)*535mm(H)
GST Product State Maharashtra
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