Virol-Oxy-Multi Purpose Disinfectant

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Single Solution For All Kinds Of Disinfecting

Virol-Oxy® is specially designed and manufactured in Germany to provide a highly effective, rapid-acting, safe, and convenient disinfecting for all applications.

What makes Virol-Oxy® the best is the superior oxidation potential. Its Secret is the advanced Titanium-based catalytic mechanism that generates sulphate and hydroxyl free radicals which render all kinds of bacteria and virus ineffective. They act by oxidizing the protein layer of the organism.

  • Physical State: Solid Mixture
  • Appearance: Off-white Powder+
  • Odour: Weak
  • Flashpoint: Not flammable. Decomposes over 85° C
  • Bulk density: 1200 kg/m. cube
  • pH: 1.5pHin 1% solution