Virol-Oxy - World's most powerful multi-purpose disinfectant

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Single Solution For All Kinds Of Disinfecting

Virol-Oxy® is specially designed and manufactured in Germany to provide a highly effective, rapid-acting, safe and convenient disinfectingforallapplications.

What makes Virol-Oxy® the best is the superior oxidation potential. Its Secret is the advanced Titanium-based catalytic mechanism that generates sulphate and hydroxyl free radicals which render all kinds of bacteria and virus ineffective. They act by oxidizing the protein layer of the organism.

Physical Characteristics:

Physical State: Solid Mixture

Appearance: Off-white Powder+

Odor : Weak

Flashpoint: : Notflammable. Decomposes over 85degree C.

Bulkdensity:1200 kg/m. cube

pH:1.5pHin 1% solution

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