Gas Oven Tandoor Duo

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  • Boast all you can about making that perfect restaurant-style tandoori delicacies in your own Kitchen!
  • Wonderchefs Gas Oven Tandoor is a unique combination of Oven & Tandoor that works on your normal Gas Stove in your very own kitchen
  • Make grilled and tandoori veg or non-veg kababs, tikkas, and roasts
  • Tandoori Rotis, Naans and Parathas
  • You can also bake cakes and other goodies too! Just an incredible range of cooking is now possible with this dream appliance that everyone loves to have in their kitchen
  • Get inspired by healthy recipes. Download the Recipe Book here

Brand: Wonderchef

Tech Specs:

  • Material: Toughened Glass Lid: 35cm
  • Warranty: 2 Year

Package Contents:

  • Tandoori Tray (30cm): 1 Pc
  • Baking Tray (29cm): 1 Pc
  • Bottom Steel Tray (35cm): 1 Pc

Dimensions and Capacity:

  • Toughened Glass Lid: 35cm
  • Heat Reflector Diameter: 6.5cm & Height 16cm
  • Tandoori Tray: 30cm
  • Baking Tray: 29cm
  • Bottom Steel Tray: 35cm
  • Handle : 13cm
Weight of the Product: 3.00 kg