Stay Fit Oil Sprayer

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5 times reduction in oil consumption

  • Control the consumption of oil in your daily cooking with this unique oil spray device.
  • A quick spritz of oil is all you need for healthy and low-oil cooking, -frying, baking, and grilling.
  • Sprays a fine mist of oil on any pan or for easy No more pouring of oil leading to heavy on.
  • The oil sprayer converts the oil into droplets in a very low quantity of oil being used while cooking.
  • Each spray emits 0.2 ml of oil. About 10 sprays are enough to finely coat a non-stick frypan. Saves over 64 calories every time.
  • Make, -fries, gravies, kebabs, barbeque, bake cookies, cakes, air-fries & much more.
  • Also, mist flavorful olive oils over everything from salads or steamed vegetables for health-conscious friends.
  • Perfect on to your kitchen and a much appreciated for.

How to Use?

Direction for usage:

1) Hold Sprayer about 10 inches from the surface.

2) Spray onto your cookware, bakeware or BBQ.

3) About 10 sprays are enough to finely coat a non-stick fry in 5 times reduction in oil consumption.